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Pueblo Rangers Foundation Program









Mission Statement: To provide the greatest opportunity for 7-9 year old boys and girls to develop the technical skills needed to play at a higher level and have a successful experience playing the game of soccer.

$125.00 per season (1st seasons fees Includes a uniform).

Practice: Each child will be provided (2) two practice sessions each week weather permitting starting two weeks prior to the first game.

Each practice session will be constructed by a professionally certified coach and administered in a small group format, with 8-12 kids per instructor. All practice sessions will be skills based, concentrating on the fundamentals and proper technique of dribbling, passing and shooting. Very little if any practice sessions will revolve around tactics and winning or losing.

Time & Dates:

TBD by your instructor

Place: All practice sessions will be held at the CSU-PUEBLO Intramural turf field. Located at the top of the hill across from Massari arena near the student dorms.
Games: The game format will be 4+1 vs. 4+1 (which includes a goalie) All games will be played on an approximate field size of 30yd x 50yd with two 25 min. halves with each child given equal playing time.